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Whether it's in the form of painting, sculpture, installation or performance, it is the attention of possible transformations manipulations that intrigues me.

In my studio, one will find merged forms consisting of materials from nature as well as recovered materials, and synthetics. Working in painting and volume, transforming and bridging one another, I'm verging towards forms of new interpretations. such as of "Hybrid presences".
What captures me with the material that I collect or retrieve is that it appears to me as foreign and inanimate. To which extent I have the impression that it further has potential.  

Reconstruction of the "non-living material", these transformations appears bridging between the non-living and potentially living. My work returns to the intangible state of something existing in the "in-between" of the mundane. The unlikely appears plausible, releasing a hidden life in ordinary objects. 

These foremost take form intuitively paving way in conjunction of approaches in investigation, interrogation and revelation.

 I risk thinking of my work in a shamanic way. The energy of transcending and transpires out like a sort of catharsis. The creation process tends to resemble contaminations of the space I inhabit which gives rise to new entities which I continue to transform.

My work often accesses on the organic visceral level, corporeal and ephemeral, evoking a metamorphosis in form and in an ambiguous space. 

Recreating the world around me by giving it a new chimeric form that seems to me more suitable. It belongs to an introspection process that reflects the issues about our vision of ourselves and that of the world of today, question the future in looking at the world today.

By these forms revealing a primitive man who seeks to understand his true nature and that of the world that surrounds him.

Alexander Aronsson

 Kalmar, Sweden.

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