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- Sculpture installation.

Mixed media, varied dimensions.



Heart sculpture. Found objects where the starting point for the organic forms. Twigs, oyster shells and other found debris became the components for this organic objects.

In an installation of several hearts it provokes towards a collective of organs, individuals of same function adjointing around themselves. Floating in the space like an already predetermined fossilic cenotaph of life passed.


During a kind of conflict and regression, a tendency was discovered in me that rubbed and gave friction, which had an expression in the material beyond the borders of the canvas.
This installation returns to a state at the transition between painting and sculpture. Then the reflection on the easel as a sculptural object may be expressed in thought.
Contaminated with paint, the easel was alternated, and further clad in new material, the form may be transformed into a new depiction. I transition between deconstruction and reconstruction took the painting claim and frees its attachment to the frame and changes into forms of sculptural structure. The previously stretched fabrics, now soaked in mixer and paint, were shaped into new sculptural forms.
All of these previously are then allowed to take place in relation to the room.
A disassembly and alternation of each received structure / support. The liberation of the ordinary medium and the ideologies that underlie it. Give equal importance to materials, creative gestures and final results.

Conflit Résolu  - Installation Rotundan . 

Solo exhibition, public installation in the Rotunda, Customs House.

Tullbron, 39231 Kalmar, Sweden.

Mixed media




Ask & Embla Gen1,

Varied dimensions. Approximately 240 x 140 cm. Plaster, branches, acrylic.



Behemoth  - Painting Object Assemblage 1.

Mixed media



Painting Objects: paintings realised through a process of tentative continous research of painting formats. From flat format and thereafter "mouldy" destroyed in storage. 

This intervention of natural causes perplexed the form and possibilities of each painting. To be entwined and interweaved together, adaptable to the space of which they are habitating,. 

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