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WORKSHOP 2016-2017



Workshop << Du Sang Vert Sur Du Herbe Rouge >>, with Carole Manaranche.

23 - 27 January, & 27 - 31 March 2017. 


 "Du Sang Vert Sur Du Herbe Rouge" -

From Green Blood On The Red Grass - Workshop with the artist Carole Manaranche, who commissioned me in the city of Nimes to seek inspiration for my personal color palette to further develop this in an expression of free form. This could include everything such as geometry / volume, architecture, city color palette and material that can be rediscovered and reused. The color was there to capture the theme of aesthetic reports.
For two weeks in studio work was done. For me, it was recycled / recycled items that enriched my study.


Continuously, my interest was in dealing with the lifeless I found in the streets of the city. Then, my desire was to reproduce the shape and color that creates life in its immateriality. Basically, I wanted to give life to those who oppose us being alive.
For the last step, I found an expression that represents to me an extension of parasitic fauna that refers to microcosm and macrocosm.



Anticonstitutionnel Géant, 34 x 100 x 42 cm. 

Hjulsidor, grenar, palmträd, dammsugarslang, stål, aerosol-färg.


Coeur Biomécanique, 6,5 x 5,5 x 30 cm. 

Ostronskal, paraply-stål, akryl.


Thoracique, 78 x 80 x 55 cm. 

Brandpost, galgar, fogskum, stål, akryl.


Arteries, 40 x 60 x 76 cm. 

Hjulsida, grenar,konservburk, aerosol-färg.


Corps Intrus, 53 x 50 x 52 cm. 

Dammsugar-lock, paraply-stål, grenar, aerosol-färg.


Masque, 18 x 9 x 43 cm. 

Ostronskal, grenar, akryl.


Citadel De La Coeur, 16 x 27 cm. 

Ostronskal, akrylfärg.​



Voracité, Glupsk/Rovlysten, 38 x 43 x 50 cm. 

Dammsugare, fogskum, spegelskärvor, akryl.


Series D'Organisme, varierade storlekar. 

Maskerings-papper, lim, akryl.


Kort video från workshop avslutningsdag.

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