Transfiguration a la prochaine generation, 2017.

Video 18 min, with private audience sitting. Material: clay and acrylic.

Retrieved vintage by Olivier De Sagazan's performance Transfiguration 1999.


For several years I have had the impetus to physically come into my work, with the help of my arms they have gotten the brush tool I used to paint a personal touch on the subject.

After discovering Olivier De Sagazan's performance, I found it necessary for me to step into my work process to see what I find in this momentum.
Oliver Sagazan was a great source of inspiration this year. Through his execution of entering his "work", putting color on his face and body, he transforms, disregards and disassembles his own form. Which reveals a primitive human being trying to understand its true nature.

In some way, disturbing and deeply moving, you try to break the barriers between the physical, animal and spiritual.

It aims to meet people, the willingness to expose that individual to a loaded situation such as deep grip triggering an audience development process.

In my position "Alien / Alien" here in France, I found myself in situations that, with reference to Sagazan's work, I could relate and inspired further in meaningfully.

Premier Performance,

Duration: 4:52 tt.


The purpose here was in performance to involve an everyday object that would represent something strange / extraterrestrial. In this case, a bag of candy which I related in comparison to a uterus, which I then used in my first performance.
The bag was put in front of the face as a filter for an uninvited audience in the audience. I played music in a classy appealing tone, shifting to horrible, awful music to warn my fellow players in mixed feelings about security and insecurity.
He could only see the non-transparent plastic, the candy bag symbolizes a blindness.

Uncertainty in the outer foreign world when an individual is facing a situation that is foreign. The desire here is to create a reflective of perspective from individual second and personal development. To let one step out of his comfort zone and see the outside world from another perspective.     

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