Painting Objects: paintings realised through a process of tentative continous research of painting formats. From flat format and thereafter "mouldy" destroyed in storage. 

This intervention of natural causes perplexed the form and possibilities of each painting. To be entwined and interweaved together, adaptable to the space of which they are habitating,. 

Behemoth  - Painting Object Assemblage 1.

Mixed media




- Sculpture installation.

Mixed media, varied dimensions.



Heart sculpture. Found objects where the starting point for the organic forms. Twigs, oyster shells and other found debris became the components for this organic objects.

In an installation of several hearts it provokes towards a collective of organs, individuals of same function adjointing around themselves. Floating in the space like an already predetermined fossilic cenotaph of life passed.     

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Ateliér / Studio:

Ateljéhus Pukeberg

 Pukebergarnas väg 30, 382 34 Nybro, Sweden.

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